Vintage Wedding Ideas

vintage wedding

Vintage weddings never go out of fashion. Whether you love 1930’s Art Deco, 1930’s homespun or 1960’s chic, a vintage wedding theme has its own quirkiness and style inspired by the nostalgia of a bygone era of romanticism. Here we have compiled the best ideas so that everything from your dress to accessories to your bouquet can turn your big day into a unique, retro-themed celebration. Speaking of the era of romanticism and the romantic as whole, what could be more romantic than surprising her with a proposal on Valentine’s Day and give her a creative valentine gift. The day dedicated to love is the perfect time to express your love and ask her to be together forever and ever.


Your wedding stationery is the first sign to let your guests know about your vintage theme. Use a vintage-style motif and old lettering style across all your wedding stationary from save-the-date invitations right through to thank you cards is the first of our ideas.

Vintage Bridal Wear

Designers and wedding stores have a range of vintage dresses for you to try along with matching accessories. If you are lucky enough to find an original wedding dress from the period, hire a professional wedding dressmaker to turn the dress into a timeless masterpiece.

Accessories will really set off your bridal gown. Ideas include art deco jewellery, a crown like tiara, a lace bandeau and vintage style shoes, all of which will finish your early twentieth-century bridal outfit to perfection.

Bridal bouquet

A large bouquet of softly coloured fresh and wild flowers, sometimes embellished with beads and pearls, is perfect for a vintage bride. Alternatively, stick to one statement flower for a vintage floral twist. Hydrangeas in a bouquet look amazing and you can follow through the flower in your cake decoration and reception décor.


Think of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and you have the grooms look. Alternatively, a simple tuxedo or waistcoat with bow-tie and boutonnière also fits with the period. Choose brown, beige, grey or sage green as your colours.

For the grooms-men, combine vintage wedding hats, leather suspenders, floral bow or a vintage-inspired waist coat with a boutonnière, for a timelessly romantic look.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Look for soft and nude colours. Simple gowns with antique lace detailing work well. Accessories for a summer wedding day, could include lace parasols. For a funkier retro look choose accessories like head-scarves and sunglasses.


vintage hairstyleA vintage hairdo is more about 40’s styled wavy hair for brides and bridesmaids. Add flowers for extra romance and a nod to the past. For the groom’s party a gelled-hair look is the best. Consider hiring your hair and make-up team for the entire day to do retro hair and make-up for guests, which will make great photographs.

Get me to the church on time!

For a Gatsby wedding transport, a vintage Rolls Royce is a popular choice or consider a horse and carriage. Any vintage car or even a bicycle can create the romanticism of vintage era. For a funky vintage mode of transport a classic Mini, VW Camper Van or VW Beetle works well.

Reception décor

vintage table decorThe simplest of ideas is to choose a venue that is already furnished with relevant vintage pieces, so you will need fewer accessories to turn it into your ideal vintage setting. Other ideas for décor accessories include vintage props like record players or typewriters.

Dress the tables with vintage elements like lace napkins and sequin, lace and hessian table runners. Oil lamps, hanging bird cages, vintage vases, glass jars and bottles can be some creative décor options, filled with bouquets or sweets. Lace and hessian bunting works well and floral prints in pastel shades also creates bunting with a vintage feel.
Other ideas include a rustic mail box or old wooden box for your greetings cards. Your guest book can also fit your era and colour palette.


Having a dressing-up box filled with vintage props for all ages is fun and is one of our ideas for great photos. Vintage photo walls where guests stick their heads through a hole are also fun or use old picture frames as props for a vintage-style photo booth. Simple fairground games, such as “hook a duck” is just one of our ideas to enhance the vintage feel.


Afternoon tea immediately injects vintage etiquette into your day with small bouquets of flowers on each table.
An ice cream van is a classic vintage touch. Our ideas include adding a twist by hiring one that sells lollies and ice cream from when you were kids, giving the guests a nostalgic treat. Other ideas include an ice cream bike, particularly if parking a van outside the venue isn’t possible.


For drinks, give a nice 40’s looks to your wedding bartender to serve the guests. Use vintage furniture for serving drinks or fill a vintage wheelbarrow with ice and champagne bottles. Hire a mixologist who specialises in fun wedding cocktails or who can create bespoke recipes to suit your vintage theme. Treat guests to a retro drink like Babycham or snowballs upon arrival.